Winter garden Real Estate Consultant

When it comes to selling your home, it takes a lot more than just popping it on the multiple listing service (MLS) and waiting for another agent to sell your home. Lana takes a consultative approach to listing and selling your house.

In today’s world you must sell your home to users online before all any other actions take place. Even home buyers with an agent will typically look online and send the agent homes they are interested in. Lana invests time, energy and money into your listing. This ensures the best possible first impression. When done correctly, your home is sold before the buyer even sees it in real life. 

While that’s important it is also important your needs are met as the seller. When talking to Lana you will be consulted based on what you need. Where most agents come in and immediately start talking about trying to sell your home ASAP, Lana will ask questions to find out your goals first. What is your timeline? Do you need to sell immediately or do you want to find the “right” buyer? 

You will also be consulted on what your home is worth. Having an agent know the market inside and out is key. But more importantly, how the market ties to your individual needs will be translated into immediate action and results. Sell your home for what you want in the time you need.